A hammock is not just a tropical bedding device. Most places a hammock is hooked up in the northern hemisphere can have the season nicely extended with the addition of a nice wool or cotton blanket or goose down or poly fill comforter and a tie in pillow.This layering is the "Tactile interface" that places the comfort zone on top of the foundation fibers and next to yer hide.This begins the process to develope the art of hammock living.

There is a fundamental difference between a hammock and a bed. A bed is an insulating pad. A hammock is not. In many climates the down comforter/hammock blanket is a finishing touch that makes this web furniture complete and will increase your opportunities to make your hammock experience the very best of quality time. I say that from many hours of personal practice around World Series week. In the summer an extra large beach towel with a few terry-cloth covered pillows(tie in type) are a useful and attractive addition to any hammock.

Every hammock in my line should be considered a foundation ,a beautiful, basic,durable frame work.The way you finish it off is the important final step toward completeing your life support system.Note:all my designs have a top/service/side and a bottom/under/side,contact me for details.The range of hammock assesories is Hue-edge.Send me an image of your full dress rig in situ.These pictures are an important element in design considerations and I value and enjoy your feed back.

Because a hammock does not have insulating qualities, body heat will be lost, especially off your back. Even when the ambient temperature is 80 degrees, the temperature of a human, at 98.6, is 18+ degrees higher. Since the body can differentiate temperature changes as little as .2 degrees F, a beach towel can take a chilling situation up onto the more preferable cool zone plateau; the subtle, refined result of fine tuning your hammock gear.Another finess practice is to lay on your hammock just slightly diagonal.This has the advantage of putting a small twist in the bed panel which developes a flat line to locate your bod on,just alittle trick of ours.

Hammock Gear Up:Pillows and blankets

It is my humble opinion that a hammock is not complete without a tie in pillow and blanket.I can provide a tip top of the line polar fleece/Belgin tapestry, reversible pillow with leather trim(a total beauty,decreative, functional and hypoallergenic)128.50$ for the 55 inch 88.50$ for the 30 inch. Sound like alot of money?It's a lot of pillow!A top of the line down comforter can cost 3000$/10 times more than the hammock.Reasonable quality is 250$/400.I am still shopping for a brand new Made IN America one,my old import is just about plucked,so much for imported junk.If you know where to find a Really Good eider down comforter with a lite weight,(6.5oz.- sq. yd..) cotton canvas shell PLEASE CALL ME!

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