Where to See us

Only 1 Street show/craft fair this year. You Can ALWAYS visit our farm,select your hammock and have lunch,on me, and our 2004 Black Republican Cherry Wine is drinking quite well now.Or shop at the" Factory Store/Street fair booth" 360-966-7700- 360-393-2665

This is my home on the streets.If you stop by I will make you cup of Mate'

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR HAMMOCK ORDER on the shopping cart NOW! TO SAVE YOUR PLACE IN LINE.THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND CONSIDERATIONS.NOTE!:I MAY NOT do the street gigs in the future and just work the website.Why? LOTS of reasons.Primary reason: selling costs.Booth fees, transportation costs,Liability insurance is raising dollar outlay per unit-sold thus degrading profit to the point of under cutting sustainability of the company.That,is decreasing my ability to restock the required, and ever increasingly more expensive,construction materials.This is a very serious situation!Art Craft Event coordinators! should take note of this because I am not alone.

The one event of 2019-"Arts by the dock"Port Townsend Wa. Sept.7th&8th/same weekend as The Wooden boat Festival.

Due of the state of the U.S. economy:in the future my event schedule will be reduced or canceled to conserve capitol for materials.YOU! can save time/money by ordering on line 24/7.or just call 360-966-7700.I will take care of your order ASAP/FAST!and get you into your dream hammock in a week or less!Plenty of time for Hammock season.Why not get it going today?

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